That’s the word
Conflict and nothing more
The type that proves me wrong every time
When I reclaim faith at humankind
Whenever I see people arguing over what third car to buy
While some are out there starving until they die
I see people fighting for the right to have rights
Just because they aren’t cis, men, straight or white
I look around I see diversity
But also see a society that isn’t worth it
I see men seeking peace with guns at their hands
They should be for protection but they cause damage instead
I see men being kicked to the ground
And not getting help from anyone around
But when they talk about their problems people doubt
Because it’s a trend being sad now
That’s the word
Conflict and nothing more
I see people feeling forgotten
Going crazy just by looking at their bodies
Because they don’t follow the patterns society forces on others
Brands on what to be and who to love
Body shape and skin colour
Pushed to their mental limits
Wishing to end their lives
And think their only escape is getting drunk or getting high
Hopes are getting low
How did we let oppression be real for so long
I see women being beat up by men
With the excuse they do it cause they love them
But cry at night wishing someone saved them
And myself
Damn, where do I start
Just a scared kid hiding in the dark
I hope someday I be listened
But I’m too scared of recognition
I want to sing
But my voice ain’t good enough
Someday I wanna date someone
But I’m afraid of a broken heart
I got people I find important
But I don’t talk to them cause I’m afraid all I will do is hurt them
I find hard to with other people get along
Yet I’m afraid of being alone
Whenever I’m happy I ruin everything
Loosing control and causing painful sh**
The smile on my face it’s actually a desperate scream
I want to live a decent life
But also want my wrist to meet a knife
And still
When I go out I try to smile and make jokes all the time
I sing and laugh
Dance in the rain
Just so no one notices my cry
But the really scary part
I’m not the only one who lives heaven and hides hell at the same time
Every day and night
That’s the word
Conflict and nothing more
It’s surreal
But for me
It’s the reality of this world

By: Anonymous

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